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What did users say about Scanhancer?

- "Erik has sent me a set that makes even Minolta prick up its ears." ... "What are the improvements? Better tonal scale, less salt and pepper effects and often better dICE." ... "It is number one for its ease of use with dICE and for its consistent results with negative color film stocks." - Frank Ward, USA

- "If you own a Multi Pro scanner, the Scanhancer is a must-have. Get it. It will make a very good scanner even better." - Stefano Allari, Italy. Read his test here.

- "I thought it was bunk until I tried it and now I won’t scan without it." - Ken Rockwell, USA. Read his test here.

- "Using our Scanhancer grain diffuser we are able to provide scans with far less grain which allows much easier post-processing, and provides much smoother-looking prints" - Blue Moon Design, New Zealand

- "It enables Digital ICE to work on Kodachromes. The way in which some fungal damage is cleared by this combination is little short of miraculous." - David Mantripp, Switserland

- "It distinctly softens grain on colour neg and B&W neg film." - David J. Harris, UK

- "It works great." - Rick Schlindler, USA

- "WOW- what a difference a Scanhancer makes!! I can’t thank you enough. That little bit of plastic is worth more than its weight in gold and turns the Minolta Multi Pro into the absolutely best scanner in its class-barring none." - Adeoshun Ifalade, USA

- "I thank you again for the 5LE, the results so far are excellent." - Paul Tucker, UK

- "I can now make prints from scans with the Scanhancer that I don’t have to apologize for." - Roy Jackson, USA

- "I am very pleased with the results - a very noticeable improvement on the ‘old days’ especially on the Velvia which is the main film I scan. I hadn’t expected to see that much improvement here, thinking the main enhancement would be with the neg films. After seeing these Velvia results though I think that the 5LEs are well worth getting even if you only scan slide film." ... "Thanks again Bo and Erik for letting other photographers share in the successful results of all your research." - Alison, Scotland

- "I can definately recommend too, the 5LE filters, especially with Velvia slide." - Tony Abbott, Spain

- "...noticeably better than the old scan without..." - M. Denis Hill, USA

- "The 5LE diffuser with the scanner is great! Solves the problems with ICE and kills Fuji pepper grain." - Diane Miller, USA

- "Thanks again for your little Scanhancer Revolution!" - Bernard Lachaud, France

- "I must tell you, the results were (and still are) stunning!" - Clayton Price, USA

- "Thank you for saving our investments and putting us in a position of not running to digital too quickly for all the wrong reasons." - Vincent Peacock, USA

- "...the reduction of the ‘pepper grain’ revealed detail that I didn’t know was there." - James Hughes, UK

- "Yesterday I received your scanhancer and it works perfectly." - Jaime Gorospe, Spain

- "I just looked at my scanhanced IT8 target. This is bloody amazing! Ein Unterschied wie Tag und Nacht. I looked at some squares under the magnifier and where the normal scans are gritty, this one is totally smooth." - Tarlika Elisabeth Schmitz, Scotland

- "The improvement it gives is impressive, not only in reducing dust but in giving less ‘noisy’ scans but retaining the same level of detail." - Peter Marshall, UK

- "I just finished scanning one hundred and twenty MF negs with great results thanks to the Scanhancer (and knowing a bit about scanning and being willing to experiment a bit helped as well)." - Don Jackson, USA

- "You have to get these items sold to Minolta; they would be foolish not to take advantage of the improvements." - Chris from Gordon’s Ink, UK

- "Thank you very much for your kind support with your diffusor." - Minolta Europe

- "The effect of Scanhancer is just great with the Nikon Coolscan 5. Not only peppergrain but also micro-scratches disappear. (The Coolscan tends to show all microscopic scratches.)" - Christopher Aisenbrey, Sweden

For more comments and discussion look here. (Warning: you might find yourself offended by the language used by some in this newsgroup. There is some genuine Viking Speak without ****! Don’t go there when you are used to -and appreciate- censored radio and TV.)