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Scanhancer and the Nikon LS-5000ED


The Scanhancer mounted in the Nikon MA-21 slide mount adapter. It is a custom cut size of Scanhancer 5LE that cannot be ordered through this website (only by email). We were unable to calibrate the CCD with the Scanhancer in the light path (it caused a LED error). That is the reason why the Scanhancer does not entirely cover the opening of the MA-21 adapter. This leaves room for the CCD to calibrate directly to the light source. The adapter can also be used with a Nikon film strip holder, FH-3. It is advised to buy a separate MA-21 holder to mount the Scanhancer permanently in, so that you are able to switch between scanning with and without Scanhancer. If you are planning to use this special Scanhancer with Nikonís SA-21 adapter, please have a look at this document (188kb) too. Please be aware that the Scanhancer for the Nikon LS-5000ED is still in its beta stage, which may result in unexpected scanning effects.